Polaroid 600, Juillet 2009
"Well, well...you make your own luck in life, don't you?
Well, some of us do... some of us miss the boat completely.
It's hard work being a grown-up, isn't it?
Yeah, it is. It's a long trip (...)
You keep on rowing and I'll keep on smiling.
Are we there yet?
We've got a hell of a way to go.
We're getting good at this, aren't we? Nothing to it."
Dialogue extrait de "Happy-Go-Lucky/Be Happy"/Mike Leigh

2 commentaires:

cy.g a dit…

la jolie scène finale avec les deux amies dans une barque sur le petit étang ;-)

céline.n a dit…

du coup à défaut d'un étang à traverser il y a la mer le voyage est juste un peu plus long.. :)