"One silver dollar,
Worn silver dollar,
Changing hands, Changing hands..."
Extrait de One silver dollar/Marilyn Monroe tiré de la BO de "River Of No Return"



Polaroid 600, Juillet 2009
"Well, well...you make your own luck in life, don't you?
Well, some of us do... some of us miss the boat completely.
It's hard work being a grown-up, isn't it?
Yeah, it is. It's a long trip (...)
You keep on rowing and I'll keep on smiling.
Are we there yet?
We've got a hell of a way to go.
We're getting good at this, aren't we? Nothing to it."
Dialogue extrait de "Happy-Go-Lucky/Be Happy"/Mike Leigh



"We met one day when I thought I was an alien,
I told you to get a costume and dance with me like an alien,
And you did,
And you did..."
Extrait de "I thought I was an Alien", Soko/I thought I was an Alien